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Accessible Activities in the Canadian Rockies : Apr  13, 2012

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure Ice Explorer

Dear Brewster,

I've experienced several activities you offer on my own,  but I've never done one with my husband before. Although he does not use a wheelchair currently, he has Cerebral Palsy and some mobility issues. I've also worked with people with cognitive and physical disabilities for 26 years, and so am sensitive to what is available to people living with differing abilities. THANK YOU for making your attractions and transportation accessible to everyone, and making that information clear and easy to find. I am seriously choking up to find out that a company cares so much, and in an environment where excuses would be easy to make. I've heard a lot of excuses for excluding people, and none of them was because they were in the Rocky Mountains! Your integrity and determination to include everyone is admirable. We'll see you this summer, with our niece and nephew too!
Kind regards,
Pam Mason

Pam, from all of us at Brewster, thanks for your kind words! We feel extremely privileged and proud to share the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies with our visitors. It is our focus to improve accessibility allowing all to experience these natural wonders while respecting and protecting the surrounding environment.

To learn more about our attractions, please visit our website at

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