Elevating Banff's Top Attraction

Opening Summer 2016, Brewster Travel Canada will unveil the exciting redevelopment of its signature attraction: the Banff Gondola.
Serving Banff National Park since 1959, the Banff Gondola and its upper terminal building will receive a $26 million renovation and give visitors more to see, do and learn than ever before.
Taking the unbelievable range of adventures in Banff National Park to a higher level, the Banff Gondola's new, state-of-the-art facilities will offer visitors everything from passive observation to hands-on interactive experiences. The new experience will truly become Banff’s perfect mountaintop destination.

What's New and Exciting

Interpretive Experiences 

Explore the natural splendor of Canada’s first and oldest National Park, Banff, Alberta. Inspired by the discovery of hot springs in 1883 and the development of the Trans-Canada Railway, Banff is now one of the world’s premier must-see destinations. Mother Nature shows off her true magnificence in Banff National Park; yet there’s so much more to discover than just the stunning natural landscapes. 
Allow our new interpretive centre to shine light on the vastness of the sensitive ecosystem that surrounds you, the history of the first nations that originally inhabited this region, learn about the wildlife that roams, the flora, fauna and more. 

The Above Banff Theatre 

Included in your gondola admission, join us in our multi-sensory theatre above Banff as you soar over the Canadian Rockies as one of our fiercest birds of prey - the bald eagle. Without leaving the comfort of your seat, feel the wind against your face and experience the true power of Mother Nature as you witness some of Banff’s ever-changing weather systems.

Our theatre will provide an opportunity for guests to explore some of the Rockies’ best attractions and landmarks from a bird’s eye view.   

Check out a teaser video of our multi-sensory experience above Banff.

Grab and Go Style Café

Step into our convenient grab and go style cafe for healthy, easy and quick-to-eat options that will help you fuel up for your big adventure. Or let one of our talented baristas create a delicious cappuccino or latte for you to enjoy while taking in the stunning views. Eager to begin your journey? Simply help yourself to a freshly brewed coffee, tea or snack. 

You can view more images of the cafe in our redevelopment gallery.