Brewster Vacations Canada

When it comes to visiting a new destination, there is no better expert than a local. They know the places that you must-see (and avoid) and they can make recommendations based on first-hand experience. Brewster has been operating in Banff for over 120 years, and we dedicate 100% of our time to perfecting the Canadian vacation experience.
Brewster’s approach to travel is unique. We provide fully independent vacation packages that allow you to experience Canada through your own travel style.

Travel with complete flexibility on a customized itinerary that matches your individual travel preferences. From hotel selections to activities and even methods of transportation – every element of your vacation will be custom designed for you.

100% CUSTOMIZED Independent Vacations


  • CHOOSE one of our best-selling vacations.
  • MODIFY one of our vacations by adding, removing or changing included locations, accommodations, transportation, meals or activities in the beginning, middle or end.
  • CUSTOM-BUILD FROM SCRATCH by telling us what you want and we will build a completely customized vacation for no additional cost. We have been doing this for over 120 years and are destination experts.