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Our team of travellers and outdoor enthusiasts have a wealth of specialized knowledge spanning Canada's diverse landscapes and cultiures. From scenic highlights and popular attractions to local secrets and hidden gems, we've been there, and we have the inside scoop.

Brewster Vacations and Group Travel Specialists are just a phone call away. We are passionate about sharing the best of Canada with you, and we can't wait to meet you! 

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Our Destination Experts

World Traveller and Mountain Explorer

The talented and well-travelled Aude moved to Banff one year ago to complete an international internship for her university in France. She loved the Canadian Rockies so much that she chose to stay and work for Brewster following her graduation. Aude's adventurous spirit and passion for travel has taken her to many interesting destinations within Canada and abroad.

Aude's role at Brewster provides expert knowledge and advice to guests planning a vacation in Canada. Her passion for providing clients with one of a kind travel experiences tailored to their passions and needs is a great asset to the Brewster Vacations team. 
Canadian Tour and Travel Expert

Made in Canada, and oh so Canadian, Cyndy grew up in Ontario and graduated school with a specialization in tour and travel. She made a bold move across the country to Banff to pursue a career in the tourism industry and explore more of Canada. Cyndy's travel tip for new visitors is "you don't have to climb a mountain to summit one, just take the Banff Gondola!" 

A long-term employee of Brewster, and Canada product expert, Cyndy has progressed from a Vacation Planner for both individuals and groups to the Reservation Manager of Brewster Vacations. Her energy and passion for her career keeps her team focused on the true objective of their roles - to make each visit to Banff National Park and Canada a memorable one. 
King of Mountain Culture and Honourary Canadian

Born with a passion for exploration and adventure, Dan travelled across six continents before arriving in Banff five years ago. He ended up falling in love with the mountains, the scenery, the lifestyle, and the people. And despite his tell-tale Australian accent, Dan is now more Canadian than most Canadians. 

What Dan loves best about working for Brewster is, "the staff and team environment. I have been very fortunate to have been a part of a team that shares the same passion as I do - the mountains, the scenery, the outdoors," Dan recounts. He uses his extensive knowledge and familiarity with Banff, the Bow Valley and the Canadian Rockies when assisting groups with their travel goals and corporate events. 
Avid Explorer and Mountain-climbing Superstar

Originally from across the pond, Anna arrived in Banff to work for a winter ski season. She fell in love with the mountains and is now a proud Canadian permanent resident! Anna's favourite place in Banff National Park is the summit of Tunnel Mountain. She loves hiking up to the mountaintop lookout to gaze out over her home in Banff and its beautiful surroundings. 

The thing Anna enjoys the most about working for Brewster is her colleagues in the Leisure Groups and Corporate Events division. She offers a great amount of local expertise, as well as seasoned skills in the hospitality industry. Anna has visited many of the key destinations that Brewster offers in Western Canada, which helps her add her own perspective to conversations with clients booking travel through Brewster. 
Fun-loving and Gregarious Travel Enthusiast

Made in Australia, Kaycee grew up in Southern Tasmania and began her love affair with travel when she was 17, venturing around Australia. She commenced her international travels at 20 years old, exploring, backpacking, and volunteering. Kaycee has been lucky enough to experience many different cultures and communities across 23 countries, spanning three continents and still counting. 

What Kaycee loves most about Brewster is that through her position she is the main point of contact for everyday people who are looking for guidance and advice booking vacation packages that fit their unique interests. "Brewster helps make dreams come true and knowing I have a part in that is very humbling" explains Kaycee. She considers it a great privilege to offer her expertise to help her clients create their own memorable adventures.
Mountain Photographer Extraordinaire

The talented and adventurous Erin dreamed of moving to the mountains ever since she was a little girl. She moved to Banff five years ago, and loves the mountain culture and diverse people that make Banff unique. Erin is a talented photographer, and her work is often featured on popular social media platforms. On weekends Erin can be found outdoors, camera in hand, staking out the perfect shot. 

Erin loves the passion and enthusiasm the Brewster Explore Rockies team shows to all guests visiting the area. Her team of experts strives to provide an amazing experience to each and every guest. Her strengths and professional experience include: a strong customer service focus, continuously striving to exceed customer expectations, a high degree of knowledge about Explore Rockies products. 
International Man of Mystery and Jeeping King

The bold and intrepid Andre moved to Banff many years ago to work in a field he's passionate about, and help others experience the magnificent Canadian Rockies. He spends his weekends outdoors exploring the spectacular backcountry of Kananaskis, Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park. Whether he's camped on the edge of an alpine lake or cruising along a mountain-side in his Jeep, Andre is in his element in the great outdoors. 

Andre began his career with Brewster as a Vacation Planner, and worked his way up to managing all employees of Brewster Vacations. Andre's passion for showcasing the best of the Canadian Rockies and Canada to clients is evident in his dedication to his team and every traveller he encounters.

Vacation Planning Guru and Travelling Queen

Sarah made a spontaneous decision to move to Banff after completing her diploma in Travel & Tourism. Her time in the Rockies has provided the opportunity to meet many new people, and to travel extensively within Western Canada and overseas. Sarah has backpacked throughout Central America, and now calls the Okanagan city of Kelowna home.

With several years experience in planning bucket-list experiences and memorable vacations, Sarah is a highly respected expert in her field. Having visited many of the locations she helps guests plan to visit, she is confident in the knowledge she provides. Sarah is a great listener, and prides herself in creating customized itineraries that best accommodate her guests' travel goals and requirements.
Wilderness Adventurer and Tourism Specialist

Megan discovered the Canadian Rockies during a summer job placement, supporting a Tourism and Post-Graduate Events Management degree. She returned to Banff and has kept busy hiking and exploring Banff National Park, and immersing herself in mountain culture. Megan's passion for travel stemmed from a school trip to Costa Rica and an exchange program in Brazil. 

With a rich background and education in tourism, Megan brings knowledge, passion, and a love of adventure to the Group Services team. Working her way up to the special designation of Training and Development Specialist, Megan has consistently exceeded the expectations of guests and colleagues with a hard-working and fun-loving approach to her work.