Columbia Icefield Helitours

Take a Columbia Icefield Helicopter Tour and experience the picturesque Canadian Rockies from a bird’s eye view! Flying above the lakes, valleys and glaciers of the Canadian Rockies, you will see towering peaks and jaw dropping views of expansive glaciers thousands of years old. Three exciting tours are available, minimum two people per tour:

  • The 6 Glaciers Tour (20 minutes):  This heli tour is full of natural beauty, glaciers and waterfalls. Soar over the spectacular Cline Pass high above the Cline and Lioness Glaciers.
  • The Epic Summit + Icefield Tour (30 minutes): This action packed 30 minute adventure takes you over the magnificent Wilson Icefield and its many crevasses, along with the beautiful sights of Cline Pass.
  • The Complete Columbia Icefield Tour (55 minutes): This extensive heli tour takes you to incredible heights over aqua green lakes, massive glaciers, and spectacular waterfalls. Soar over a massive field of ancient ice that cover 325 square kilometres!
from $195.00
per person
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Hours & Rates

Hours & Rates

2017 Operating Hours
Office Hours Daily  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Flight Hours Daily Daylight and weather dependant

  • Columbia Icefield Helitours operates from April 1 through to October 15.
  • Rates do not include fees and taxes.
2017 Retail Rates
The 6 Glaciers Tour 20 mins $195.00
The Epic Summit + Icefield Tour 30 mins $325.00
The Complete Columbia Icefield Tour 55 mins $625.00

  • Suitable for all ages. Pricing is the same for all guests over 2 years.
  • Complimentary for children under 2 years (must share seat with an adult).
  • These tours require a minimum of 2 passengers to operate. Single travellers will be accommodated with other guests where possible.
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