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Available Position

Title: Tour Boat Captain/Guides (full time)
Description: Come and Work on the Water this summer! Banff Lake Cruise is looking for enthusiastic captains to drive our vessels as well as provide exciting interpretive tours for our guests! Our Tour Boat Captains are trained in house to safely operate our fleet of tour boats on Lake Minnewanka as well as provide professional and accurate commentary to the guests about the Lake and Banff. Captains must perform pre/post trip inspections, maintenance checks, service and regular boat cleaning as well as other assistance with regards to overall operation.
Location: Lake Minnewanka - Banff, AB
Qualifications: Successful candidates must be a Canadian resident or permanent resident and must complete the following training provided by Lake Minnewanka: Transport Canada mandated course, Marine Emergence Duties Standards, Marine First Aid and the MPHIA interpretive course. We also require 60 hours of paid training on duty at Lake Minnewanka to include maintenance instruction, commentary instruction plus procedures and safety measures. Must maintain a positive and energetic atmosphere with all other staff and guests.
Term: May - October
Pay: $12.50 per hour
Positions Available: 2
Closing Date: May-02-14

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