Working with Brewster

For many visitors to Canada, a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Parks is long remembered as a highlight of their holidays. Brewster takes pride in having the unique opportunity to show visitors from around the globe our spectacular landscape and interpret the natural and human history of the area through the utmost professional and friendly service.  

Each year, Brewster employs over 450 seasonal full-time staff. We offer excellent opportunities to learn and grow, foster new friendships and experience authentic mountain living. As a member of the Brewster team, you will be part of a company that has evolved from a local guiding company to a world-class transportation company, tour operator, hotelier and attraction provider. This impressive legacy is a credit to the diverse employees who have chosen to join our team.

Vision Statement

Guiding Principles
Brewster is a multifaceted tourism company that delivers premium Canadian tourism experiences to the global market.

  • To cultivate a corporate culture based on the cornerstones of honesty, integrity and excellence in customer service.
  • To achieve sustainable levels of growth and development by harnessing the collective strengths of Brewster's operating divisions.
  • To engage our employees in healthy environment of fairness and respect, providing opportunity for meaningful contribution and encouraging professional self-development.

  • To lead the global tourism community in ethical business practices, cutting edge product and service delivery through every interaction with partners, suppliers, industry organizations, customers, our parent corporation and its shareholders.
  • To honor a commitment to be "Always Honest" to ensure that our reputation for integrity continues to be one of our most valuable business assets.
  • To commit to the National Park values of environmental stewardship, and ecological integrity, while providing high quality interpretive information and experiential excursions to our global clientele.

Always Honest

Honour and Integrity
Honesty is the cornerstone of our company. The personal promise of each of our employees to be Always Honest in everything we do at Brewster is vital to our continued success.

The commitment of all of our employees to a culture of honesty contributes significantly to our reputation for integrity and fair dealings with our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers. Brewster aggressively promotes this culture of honesty and diligently acts to protect this valuable asset.

In everything we do, and with everyone we deal with; customers, co-workers, suppliers and partners – we are Always Honest! The Always Honest program is applicable to every single Brewster employee, and every employee in the rest of the Viad family of companies.

All of our employees agree to act in the highest ethical manner, to never violate a law and to recognize that it’s our duty to report any suspected unethical or illegal conduct within our company. Our management and employees are proud to uphold these strong moral values.