Lussier Hot Springs

Apr 05, 2013
Touring around British Columbia this summer? There is so much to see and do all over BC; make sure to explore the Columbia Valley and the Kootenay Rockies.  This area is full of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains. Four of BC’s seven national parks are located here, and wildlife flourishes.

One of these pristine areas is the Lussier Hot Springs; I’ve been to these mineral hot springs a couple times and would go back again. Both times I found myself with a small number of bathers which made me think that these hot springs are a hidden gem in the Kootenay Rockies.

The best thing is the peaceful seclusion in the Kootenay Rockies; the picturesque location alongside the Lussier River nestled within the wilderness valleys of Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. These natural hot springs are undeveloped, which means they’re free to visit. There are only 2 washrooms/change rooms available prior to the 5 minute walk down to the springs and river; nothing commercial about them.

The drive is a fantastic 7-8 hour roundtrip from Banff that passes through alpine forests, open valley vistas and mountains that pierce the sky. Keep your eyes open as wildlife sightings are possible. Once you get to the Lussier Hot Springs there are two ‘pools’ – one hot, one warm. And it is interesting that the closer the pools get to the river, the colder the water becomes. We were crazy enough to step into the river which, even in the middle of summer was a…’numbingly worthwhile’ experience. Like all rivers in the Rockies, they are glacial fed, and as such, have glacier temperatures between 0-5°C/ 32-41°F.

To learn more about the Lussier Hot Springs, visit the BC Parks website.

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