VIA Rail Corridor Trains Windsor to Quebec City

Aug 23, 2013
As Canada’s national rail carrier, VIA Rail operates inter-city passenger trains in the country’s most densely populated area - the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor. The main cities along this rail route are Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec City with VIA Rail running several services a day between these cities.

Due to simple and straightforward check-in and boarding, many passengers use these trains as a more convenient alternative to flying. Even though flying requires less travel time, not having to deal with the time spent lining up to check-in, check your bags, go through security and getting to and waiting at the boarding gate is highly advantageous for a train vacation. Plus, not having to worry about the risk of losing your luggage and delays with flying affords you plenty time to enjoy your journey.

Unlike, the Trans-Canada rail journey between Vancouver and Toronto winding through the Rockies, Prairies, and  Lake District, the Quebec City - Windsor Corridor routes aren’t renowned so much for their scenery, but rather their popularity springs from their guaranteed safety and ease of worry-free travel between Point A and Point B.

The frequency of the trains largely depends on the route and what day of the week. The most popular routes are listed below along with their estimated travel time and daily departures.

        Toronto-Windsor – 4-4½  hours (3-4 times daily)
        Toronto-Niagara Falls – 2 hours (once a day in both directions)
        Toronto-Ottawa – 4-4½ hours (4-7 times daily)
        Toronto-Montreal – 5-6 hours depending on direct route or via Ottawa (6-8 times daily)
        Ottawa-Montreal – 2 hours (5-7 times daily)
        Montreal-Quebec City – 3-3½ hours (3-5 times daily)

There are two service class tickets available on these routes: Economy & Business. Both classes feature reclining seats with spacious legroom and outlets for charging your cell phone, laptop, tablet or all three simultaneously. The train cars provide a versatile benefit for parties of four with their sociable 2x2 seats facing each other with a table in between. There is room to store your carry-on baggage either in the overhead compartments or a dedicated section near the front of the train car.

In Economy class you have a selection of snacks, drinks and food to purchase. Business class includes a full meal (appetizer, entrée and dessert) along with alcoholic beverages embedded with the rail fare.

In addition, passengers have access to the peaceful and relaxing Panorama Lounge at applicable stations. These are chiefly available in Toronto (recently completed renovations), Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City where newspapers and magazines are available to read in comfortable lounge seats. Complimentary high speed wi-fi and non-alcoholic beverages including water, coffee and hot drinks, juice and pop are also offered inside.

When you hear your boarding call, depart the Panorama Lounge and save time with Priority Boarding which allows you access onto the platform before all other passengers.

To include these popular VIA Rail routes into a personalized vacation package, please call and speak to one of our Vacation Planners on 1-877-791-5500.

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