Polar Bears in Churchill

Feb 21, 2014
The town of Churchill, Manitoba has a population of 900 that skyrockets to approximately 2,500 during bear viewing season. Viewing these majestic animals are a popular attraction for those looking to experience the true beauty of one of the rarest and sought after creatures in Canada. Two of our Brewster Vacations staff recount their personal bear experience and stories below.

I visited Churchill to view polar bears. I was so excited when I first saw them, I almost cried! I was only there for three nights and I was lucky to experience this with an incredible group of people who felt like family at the end. I got to see ptarmigans which I have never seen during winter, and the people in my group were surprised that I could see it amongst all the white!

An interesting novelty on this trip is being able to get my passport stamped at the post office, even though I did not leave Canada. Churchill is a small town with limited supplies and can be very windy at times! I really enjoyed this trip as it was something different and off the beaten track. It’s not very often you can get semi-close to polar bears in the wild. I’m happy to say that I’ve now experienced a true Arctic adventure and witnessed the Kings of the North in Canada!
-Mika Sawicki

I live in the Canadian Rockies and regularly see wildlife such as squirrels, gophers, elk, deer, bears and sometimes foxes and coyotes. While these are amazing to see, I have always wanted to see polar bears in Churchill. It always interested me to see how they act in their own environment and not one replicated in a zoo.

The attraction of seeing these magnificent creatures is made even more elusive given that the town of Churchill is so remote that it cannot be accessed by car. You have to be flown in by plane from Winnipeg, Manitoba or by train with VIA Rail which takes three days. I am from neighboring Saskatchewan, so this was practically in my ‘backyard’ compared to many other places in the world I want to visit. I am also intrigued about the idea of being secluded somewhere. There may not be a whole lot to do but it is a vacation, so relaxing is a must!
-Sarah Schneider

Brewster Vacations offers Polar Bear Experience by Rail and Air, a unique package that gives you the exciting opportunity to view polar bears.

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