Sights and Steakfry: A Journey on Horseback

Jun 07, 2013
The Canadian Rockies are jam-packed with outdoor activities and sightseeing opportunities. While visiting Banff a unique "must-do" experience is a leisurely horseback riding excursion. Take in the sights and enjoy an evening steakfry to satisfy your Western cravings. Some of our lucky staff got to experience just that. Check out Andrew's (from Explore Rockies), recount of his exciting evening below.

"Our journey started with an hour ride up the Bow Valley to The 3 Mile Cabin. It was originally put there by the railroad and received its name because it was located 3 miles from the railroad. Our appetites were pleased to discover that dinner was already cooking when we arrived. The weather was dull, but our food was safe under cover on a caracole bbq. We were offered hot or cold drinks (the hot chocolate was delicious) to complement our meals. Dinner offered up an 8oz Alberta AAA steak cooked to our liking served with sides of backed beans, Caeser salad, bread rolls and a backed potato with your choice of butter, sour cream or spring onion toppings. To sweeten our palette, we ate a moistly baked banana loaf dessert topped with chocolate chips, walnuts and maple icing.

After-dinner activities ensued where we got to try our hand at lassoing a saw horse and toss horseshoes. After this, we journeyed by horseback out of the cabin leading us up Sulphur Mountain, and eventually back to the Bow River trail to end off at Warner Stables by 8pm. Each of us were given photos that were taken of ourselves on horseback along our journey.

All of the horses were very well-trained and easy to ride for any newcomers. They instinctually followed the horse in front of them and needed next to no instructions from their riders. With that being said, there were also optional covered wagon groups to join if riding was a concern for anyone. Overall, the Steakfry Cookout was amazing. It was a very worthwhile trip and the guides were all fantastic!"

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