Winter Ice Walk

Mar 07, 2014
It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in! About 25 minutes outside of Banff is Johnston Canyon, a popular trail that has been steadily carved out by water erosion. The hike is easily done with a pair of proper ice cleats so that you don't slip. I went in the evening, so we were given headlamps along with our ice cleats upon arrival, with optional hiking poles.

We were guided along the walkways to the Lower Falls stopping along the way while the guide pointed out interesting things about the rock formations. Once arriving at the Lower Falls we were given hot chocolate and cookies and had time to look around and take photos. It was about 3kms round trip from the starting point and took about an hour and a half.

It was my first time seeing a frozen waterfall, which I thought was cool, though my favourite part of the night was when the guide asked us all to turn off our headlamps and we were left in complete darkness to look up at the stars. The sky was so clear and there were SO many stars!

The guides had heard reports that a pack of wolves had been spotted along the parkway, so we all had our eyes peeled for them…unfortunately we did not spot any wolves, but we did see a giant male elk!

Icewalk tip: Dress warmly!

by Kaya
Vacations Planner

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