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Mar 31, 2017
Ham vs Lamb – the Easter Showdown Solved!

If you’re like us, you’re struggling with that quintessential Easter question – lamb or ham? It’s a tough call. Both are amazing, appealing, worthy of a special occasion.  Both feel spring-like, too.
Find out below how you can have it all this Easter
First off though, here’s a bit of background on how ham and lamb became the somewhat ‘antagonistic’ centrepieces of the Easter meal.  
There’s something about ham: It’s a traditional choice rooted in North American pioneer society. Pigs were slaughtered in the fall, after they’d had a chance to fatten up on the harvest. Hogs would be full of healthy apples and acorns, which would really help with flavour. Since there was no refrigeration, farmers and butchers would cure the pork, with their eyes on spring when Lent was over. Then, they’d be perfect for the most important festival of the Christian Church. It was part of the cycle of the seasons. 
  What’s with the eggs? Well, of course, spring is peak season for their production. Eggs have been part of spring celebration since the dawn of the seasons. 
On the lamb: Lambs are born in late winter and only slaughtered in the spring (before they grow up to become sheep). There’s loads of religious symbolism behind lambs – after all Jesus was the “lamb of God”. Lamb also has roots in the Jewish spring holiday of Passover and its traditional Seder meal, where a sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten alongside unleavened bread and bitter herbs – with hopes that it would bring good fortune. 
So both ham and lamb are traditional, and both are in season during the spring. What to do?
The Easter brunch that’ll be served from April 14-17, 2017 at the Banff Gondola’s Northern Lights Café brings both options home to top of Sulphur Mountain, where you can pair a classic holiday meal with stunning views and the world’s highest Easter Egg Hunt!
“When deciding what we will be doing here at the Gondola, we’re constantly thinking about local, Canadian cuisine that’s approachable but still has a little flare,” says executive chef Martin Brenner.  For Easter, that means a Maple Glazed Ham with Camp maple syrup straight from the Maple trees of Quebec, and a whole-smoked shank of ham from Red Deer, Alberta.
  So what about Easter bunny? Easter’s roots go back to old German pagan traditions which celebrated the goddess Eostra, who was honoured for bringing spring and fertility to the spring equinox. Bunnies excel in fecundity, and thus became her symbol. 
Why not try both? It’s buffet-style, making it very family-friendly. There’s no waiting for your food to be served!

The menu will also feature vegetarian and fish entrees. Packages including Gondola lift and buffet at Northern Lights Café make it a superb deal, and a wonderful occasion. Adults $62+GST, Kids $35+GST. Available April 14-17, from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM at the Northern Lights Café. Find out more and book now on our events page.
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