My Furry Encounter with an Elk

May 03, 2013
It’s 7am and I’m up early. Why? It could be because I am going on vacation later today and am panicking because I still have to pack. No. Somebody is tapping on my window. Constantly and it’s annoying. I think it’s one of my friends, Dave, goofing around.

I get up and out of bed, open the curtains. I freak out because all I see is fur. Outside my window is a giant body of fur. This is an elk - a male elk. With the most intimidating antlers I’ve ever come across. He stares right at me with his bulging eyes for a few seconds, and then goes back to his business feeding on the grass outside my room.

I calm myself down but I have never been so close to an elk of this size.  I remember that this is a wild animal and we need to respect his territory. I’m thankful that I had my window as a buffer so I got the chance to be so close to him.

I shall call him Elkie.

By Brittany
Reservations Team Leader

The best time to see wildlife in the Canadian Rockies is during the morning in Spring/Fall, and rutting season in September/October.

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