Counting stars with Jasper's Dark Sky Festival

Oct 03, 2014
The beauty of Alberta’s skies have us feeling blessed and counting our lucky stars – billions of them! 
Since becoming a renowned Dark Sky Preserve in 2011, Jasper National Park has deemed October as Dark Sky Month with interactive programs, packages and events to celebrate the 11,000km2 of pristine night sky that blankets the park and town. Far from any industry or light pollution in the heart of Canada’s largest and wildest national park, a stargazing evening is a multi-sensory experience that leaves tingles running down our spines. 
From October 17-26th, visitors are invited to embark on a nocturnal journey through the lenses of telescopes and cameras with astronomers and enthusiasts alike. Jasper is prime territory to power down and experience the starlit wonders of the galaxy as you learn and gaze upon the endless brilliance of the cosmos.
If you’re looking to count your own stars in the Canadian Rockies this month, join an astronomer guide from The Royal Astronomical Society for a luminous overnight adventure at the breathtaking Columbia Icefield, or delight in an intimate evening tour where you can witness the radiant sky from 918 feet up on the award-winning Glacier Skywalk.
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