The Leaf of Gold

Aug 02, 2013
If you are looking to take a luxury train journey through the Canadian Rockies, consider Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service Class.

The scenery may be the same on-board the other service classes, but I really enjoyed being able to see around and above me with the Dome Coach. The addition of the outdoor vestibule, only accessible to GoldLeaf guests, was popular with those looking for extra special photos of themselves, the mountain ranges and the forests.

From the moment I checked in at the station until arrival at my destination two days later, I was extremely well looked after. The check-in process was seamless, the service on-board was impeccable, the scenery was stunning and the quality of food would rival any top restaurant.

Travelling during the day is definitely my personal preference, and sitting upstairs in the dome car gave me a much better perspective of the scenery. I think it’s better that the train travels during daylight and stops midway through the day. I would have been so disappointed knowing what I would have missed out on had I slept.
Although this was a once in a lifetime experience, it is definitely one I would like to experience again! A great way to travel, complemented by equally stunning scenery with memories beyond measure.

GoldLeaf Service is an optional upgrade for all personalized and applicable packages including the Rocky Mountaineer.

by Audrey
Senior Canada Travel Specialist
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