Alberta in The Guardian's Top 40 holiday hotspots

Jan 17, 2014
On January 3rd, 2014, The Guardian compiled their list of the top 40 destinations to visit in 2014. Featured at number nine on the list, Alberta was recognized for the Glacier Skywalk as a must-visit destination.

If you haven't already, it's time to get excited for 2014. We're in for a flat.out.awesome year ahead!

A new year means new lists and resolutions. Here's why we are excited for 2014:

The completed Glacier Skywalk lies beneath a blanket of snow. Come spring, the finishing touches will be completed on the interpretive walkway to get ready for your arrival.

Come May 1, visitors will be able to test their vertigo by stepping out onto the glass-floor platform of the Glacier Skywalk.

Festivities will continue throughout the month of May including our official grand opening celebrations.

Are you ready to cross "hovering between land and sky"; off of your bucket list? Mark your calendars and come visit us this summer!
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