Rebuilding Together

The December 29th fire at the Mount Royal Hotel was a frightening event that left a visible and emotional mark on the heart of Banff. While we are sad for the devastating damage to our beloved hotel, we are incredibly relieved no one was hurt in the blaze. With this in mind, we are forever in debt to the brave men and women who got all 297 guests to safety before dawn — and our incredible hotel friends who gave them a place to stay.

We can never say thank you enough to the Banff Fire Department and volunteer crews from Canmore, Exshaw and Lake Louise who served alongside RCMP, EMT and traffic control as part of this incredible emergency response. Thank you as well to the Banff Canmore Community Foundation, many other local organizations and the entire Banff community for extending such warm hospitality to our guests.
As part of this extended family, you’ll be glad to hear recovery is already underway. Together with our insurers and professional team, we are thrilled to announce that this will be a re-build and not a tear-down. Our intention is to have plans, including a specific time frame, locked in and ready to share with you by April. One thing we can promise — the “new” Mount Royal Hotel will be the best Banff has ever seen.
At this point, all scaffolding is in place and work on rebuilding the roof is underway. We expect this phase to be completed by early April, at which point the scaffolding will come down. Inside, base-building abatement and demolition is currently underway throughout the building.
At street level, we are committed to working with Banff Ave. businesses affected by the fire and will confirm timelines for their reopening as soon as possible. Re-opening timelines are not confirmed, but we are working with each tenant to ensure the fastest return to business.

For all involved, affected or concerned, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult, but worthy rehabilitation. We truly appreciate your support, and can’t wait to have you back for our 109th year of extending Banff’s warm welcome to the world.

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