Montreal Vacation Packages

A trip to Montreal is like a journey to a more refined age – one where cobbled streets meander past eclectic shops, and restaurants offer the best in food and wine; where art and beauty matter more than the hectic pace of modern life.

Montreal is a marvellous vacation destination on its own and a central point for an exploration of Quebec and Ontario. At Brewster Travel Canada we offer a variety of vacations in and from Montreal, starting from two-night getaways up to full-length vacations. Explore Montreal is our signature getaway to this beautiful city, and for those with longer to stay, we have a wide selection of trips encompassing Quebec City, Toronto and Atlantic Canada.

When you book your Montreal vacation package with Brewster, you’ll love the flexibility we offer. Brewster offers fully independent vacation packages, allowing our team of travel specialists to help design a customised trip down to the very last detail – so that you get to see what you want, when you want. And wherever you go, our friendly, knowledgeable staff and guides will always be there to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime. Browse our vacation packages below, and when you are ready, contact one of our travel specialists to make it perfect for you!