Ottawa Tours

Canada’s capital is a strikingly beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant arts scene. Here, historic buildings and manicured green spaces create a sense of peace and tradition that mingles seamlessly with the bustle and energy of a busy city.

On Parliament Hill the magnificent government buildings stand watch over the Ottawa River, and visitors can join guided tours, wander the gardens or ascend The Peace Tower for spectacular views of the city. Museums, historic buildings and world class attractions abound in Ottawa, and visitors can also enjoy the finest in shopping and dining as well as the products of local craft beer breweries and Ontario’s own wine country.

As a visitor to Ottawa you’ll find something to fill every moment – whether it’s touring the political and historic sights of the city, strolling along the scenic Rideau Canal or biking in Gatineau Park. And, just a few hours from Toronto, Niagara Falls and Quebec, the city provides the perfect base for a tour of Eastern Canada.