Canadian Rockies Tourism

Prepare to have your breath taken away! A trip to the Canadian Rockies will be everything you hope for, and so much more. Amid the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains, you will discover adventure, see an astonishing array of wildlife, visit charming alpine towns and explore thrilling vistas.

Brewster Travel Canada’s Canadian Rockies vacations encompass destinations in two national parks – Banff and Jasper, and the possibilities are limitless.Within those parks, the beautiful towns of Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper, each with its own unique charm, provide the perfect base for your vacation.

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, wildlife spotting and more await the outdoor enthusiast; while shopping, dining, culture and entertainment keep things lively in the towns. And an abundance of activities will keep you busy every day – check out our huge selection of Explore Rockies sightseeing tours, our Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure and the brand new Glacier Skywalk.

Travel to the Canadian Rockies with comfort and peace of mind. Brewster airporters include spacious reclining seats, an onboard lavatory, free WiFi where connectivity allows and no cancellation fees or extra luggage charges.