Northern Canada Tours

Here in the land of the midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis, adventure and excitement like no other await you.

In Canada’s north you’ll find rugged arctic wilderness, mountains that sparkle white in the bright sunshine and crystal clear alpine lakes. In the winter, dog sledding, skiing, showshoeing and more provide exciting ways to explore this spectacular part of the world. In the summer, hiking, fishing and hunting are a way of life.
Canada’s charming northern towns each have their own rich heritage - as gold rush towns, or trading posts. Museums, interpretive centres and galleries provide a fascinating way to discover their history and learn about the unique cultures of these remote, yet vibrant communities.
Brewster has a selection of northern lights and adventure vacations in the northern towns of Yellowknife, Fort McMurray and Whitehorse. Take a drive out to a specially designed Aurora Borealis viewing spot, or head off into the wilderness in a canoe, for the trip of a lifetime.