True patriot love for hockey, caesars and poutine at Banff's newest pub!

Jul 04, 2014
TOQUE: (tohk), n. [Collq.] The ultimate in high Canadian fashion. A hat worn year-round whether it’s cold or warm outside, and yes it gets warm in Canada.
Whether you call Canada home for a few days, a few years, or for life, it’s pretty much impossible not to embrace the casual charm of Canadian culture. We celebrated all things Canadian on July 1 with the opening of a brand new pub in the heart of downtown Banff – Toque Canadian Pub.
In the essence of its namesake, Toque is an authentic Canadian dining experience with a twist. The modern venue in downtown Banff features classic Canadian television shows, tabletop Canadian games and a sports simulator with hockey and Canadian golf courses. Guests can enjoy a Canadian-inspired menu that offers items like prawn canoes, hockey sticks, fresh salads, Alberta beef and of course a variety of poutine choices! A must-try caesar bar accompanies the all-Canadian selection of wines, craft beers, whiskey and cocktails.
Toque opened with a bang on Canada Day. Banff Avenue was a hub of red and white flags and Canadian pride, and Toque fit right in. Guests sampled delicious appetizers and enjoyed a performance by Canadian indie soul pop duo jocelyn & lisa. Check out our image gallery for photos – be warned, the caesars may make your mouth water!
Eager to come to Banff and test out Toque’s caesar bar for yourself? Book your next holiday to Banff or speak with one of our vacations specialists by calling 1.866.606.6700.
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